"Our goal is to personally ensure that your event speaks to who you are, runs on schedule, and leaves both you and your guests breathless. Allow us to share your story with the World."
— robyn savage

robyn savage


A dreamer, a motivator, a midnight tinkerer - Robyn's sense of creativity knows no bounds. With a background in event planning and lighting design, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start Blue Violet Events: a collection of love stories and memorable moments. 

With simplicity in mind, Robyn will strategically tackle all of the complexities of event planning and ensure that hosts and guests alike do what they should - enjoy the experience and create lasting memories.

Robyn is a real believer in true love & magic and genuinely wants each wedding or event she touches to leave you smiling and excited. Determined to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, she will turn your entire event into a relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

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