I just received this absolutely stunning sneak peak from a late summer wedding, and I am in total lust over these images from the crazy talented Tomasz Wagner

On this day, it poured, we "Plan B'd", they loved, and the guests partied. It was so beautiful and authentic and extraordinary, I can honestly say...this wedding humbled my spirit and brought me to tears more than once. They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day, and for the first time, I truly believe it. Thank you Mother Nature for playing your part in making this day raw and memorable. 

Thank you Cam and Kelly for sharing your day with me - I am so happy to now call you friends, and to celebrate your marriage and radical love with you for years to come! 

Do yourself a favour and grab a nice bold glass of red to go along with this beautiful sequence of images! Then, click THIS LINK to see the slide show :) 

Venue: Green Water Resort, Pemberton, BC

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Decor and Styling: Blue Violet Events

Wedding Planning: Blue Violet Events 

Hair and Makeup: A friend of the bride

Officiant: Chad Chomlack 

Catering: The Collective Kitchen

AuthorRobyn Savage

Kelsey and Marc came all the way from Texas to get married at Nicklaus North Golf Club in Whistler, BC. We met on the patio a couple days before the big day to go over all of their details, and as we enjoyed a cold beer, I knew theirs was going to be a special day!

We helped Kelsey create her vision of a classic romantic mountain wedding, with a neutral palette and pops of blush throughout. The family style tables were adorned with wooden vases, mercury glass and classic blooms (rentals and florals by our in house floral team!) The warm light and the natural backdrop created an atmosphere of intimacy and camaraderie for their small, elegant affair. It was a classic day and we're happy share some of our favourite moments with you! 

Venue: Nickalus North Golf Club, Whistler BC.

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Planning and Coordination: Blue Violet Events

Signage: Blue Violet Events

Photography: The Whistler Wedding Collective, Jessika Hunter

AuthorRobyn Savage

Today we're styling an engagement session in the woods with The Whistler Wedding Collective. What does this mean? They take pictures, we make it look pretty ;) 

Our inspiration is a warm wintery scene, authentic to the couple and our surroundings. We will be in the woods surrounded by mountains, with hot chocolate and yummy treats to warm us up during the shoot! We will pull in cute details, such as Parisian rugs, tin mugs and simple greens to add an earthy bohemian touch - the love is in the details! 

Here are a few shots from our inspiration board! Check out the full board on our Pinterest page.

Wish us luck! 

Robyn, XO

AuthorRobyn Savage

Lindsay and Lucas got married in the middle of the Okanagan hills, on a late summer day. The sky was dancing with clouds, and the views stretched endlessly across open acres; a subtle reminder that love knows no bounds. We were situated in the middle of an orchard, tucked away beside the loveliest lake. Generations of memories, families, and trailers all tucked into a corner of land that quietly facilitated years of fun. This was heaven, and we were welcomed by the loving arms of family and treated as one of their very own. As a travelling wedding planner, it really doesn’t get much better! We were settled, happy, and ready to get to work! 

Gatzke Orchard is a stunning plot of land, boasting fresh fruit and the most wonderful rustic wedding venue! I would describe the setting for you, but the photos speak a thousand words on their own :) Apple trees and a rustic barn, an open air dance floor and cascading vines that intertwined with sparkling chandeliers to set the tone for the most stunning reception. Fresh peaches (picked that day no doubt) added a pop of colour to each place setting, and we adorned the tables with wild flowers for pops of magical colour to match the warm summer breeze. TIP: our custom grey table runners are the perfect back drop for a fresh pop of colour!! The alter, which we constructed out of authentic apple crates and vintage details was everyone’s favourite touch!! It was simple and classic, bringing the natural farm environment to life - really paying homage to the land.

Lindsay and Lucas’ day was nothing short of elegant and perfectly put together! Every detail just sort of fit together seamlessly to complete the greater puzzle, and at the end of the day, our Blue Violet Events team sat back in marvel as we watched the celebration come to life! As much as the day was not our own, we truly felt a part of this wedding, and truth the told - the family. 

Thank you for such a ripe experience (pun intended!), and for allowing us to bring your vision to life. I say this every time, but I will truly never forget how beautiful this weekend was - or finally skinny dipping in that lake on the way home :) 

Happy weekending lovers of the land! 

Robyn, XO


Photography: Taya Photography

Venue: Gatzke Orchards 

Flowers: Blue Violet Events

Day of Wedding Coordination: Blue Violet Events

Decor: Blue Violet Events

AuthorRobyn Savage

In the winter months, while summer is fast asleep... I create. I create custom invitation suites to send across the World with love! 

Here is a pretty watercolour set I handmade this season, complete with illustrated maps and sweet little greenery details! The colour palette for this upcoming June wedding is lavender and sage green, so I had a lot of fun playing around with different tones and shades to get everything just right :) 

These invitations were not individually hand done, but instead, I designed one master copy and had the other 100 printed on heavy card stock. They turned out beautifully! Don't you agree :) 

Feeling grateful to have my hand to paper dirtied with paint, and thankful to have clients who trust me with their vision! 

Happy Monday beautifuls, 

Robyn, xo

Pictures by Sara Spectrum from The Whistler Wedding Collective

AuthorRobyn Savage

There are some points in your career that you say "YES!" to projects for the thrill of being bold. To create with finesse. To bring a vision to life. 

This was one of those times. These custom wedding invitations were a beautiful challenge with the most stunning outcome! 50 hand painted watercolour wedding invitations with custom calligraphy, addressed to family members across the World. 

My husband would say this project was a nightmare (my studio is in my house, and my house is too small for my studio), but I loved every minute of it...and the feeling of creating such a unique keepsake for this bride and groom will make me smile one million times over. 

For inquiries on how to get wedding invitations, save the dates, or thank-you cards this pretty, send us an email at hello[@]bluevioletevents.com.

AuthorRobyn Savage

I can't say enough about Sarah + Andrew's Vancouver wedding, rather I fear I'll say too much. Naturally, expectations begin to soar when word hits the street that a spirited bohemian artist is marrying a contemporary graphic designer. I mean, this was my dream come true. What can't be anticipated, however, is the authenticity, spirit, and late evening sun that adorned this unforgettable August day. With just enough grace and truth to write a modern day fairytale, this authentic love story was a Blue Violet Events fave. 

I will let the images, beautifully captured by The Nickersons, do most of the talking...right after I point out a few of my favourite details. The dress by Grace Loves Lace, fit Sarah like a glove and was so simply perfect, it had us all in awe. The venue, UBC Farm, is one of the most discrete and fetching wedding venues I have ever worked with! They harvest from the land, support local community, and their endless hospitality creates a welcoming down-to-earth feeling, like you just arrived home at the farm after months away (note: also pretty rad that it's tucked away in the middle of urban Vancouver.) Lastly, I died over all the homemade details by the bride and groom themselves. The beaded menu holders, the dreamcatchers, and that stationary!! 

We had SO much fun putting this all together, what a treat to be part of something so truly magical.

Let these images take you away to dreams of your very own fairytale,

Robyn, xx

AuthorRobyn Savage

Hi loves! I have been totally MIA from the blog scene whilst wedding season has been in full swing. Eek! I have been loving every minute of this wedding season....new challenges, new venues, new love stories, and one million stunning and love-filled moments I will never forget. I can't wait until the fall rain clouds roll in, when I get to cozy up with images, tea, and share with you the journey Blue Violet Events has been on this wedding season :) 

Until then, here is a sneak peak of some beautiful bouquets we made for our lovely bride Rachael, alongside the boutonnieres we created for her handsome groom, Jeff!! It was my first time incorporating succulents into bouquets, and OMG I think they turned out soooo beautifully! I wanted to keep one as an everyday accessory, but realized that might have been a little over-the-top ;)

I hope your summer has been filled with the type of warmth that doesn't wane, the type of adventure that leaves you stunned by the beauty of the World we live in, and the type of love that keeps you up at night. 

Happiest Sunday, 

Robyn xo

Photos by Daniela Mason of Pink Pearl Images.

AuthorRobyn Savage

Weddings have become a beautiful big deal. They are elaborate, elusive, and without a doubt the best day of your life (until your first child is born or summit that mountain you've always dreamed of climbing.) There is no doubt that tying the knot is something worth celebrating with all of your closest friends and family...

But an elopement? An elopement is magical. I've said it before, and I'll say it (over & over) again...how incredibly enchanting is the idea of just the two of you. Somewhere your heart feels at home. Somewhere no one can find you, or distract you. Somewhere quiet and rich in nature, aloneness, and serenity. Elysia and Ryan found that place, and every second I spent with them to create their perfect day reminded me how sacred and unified love is. 

I feel so honoured to have been a part of their intimate day! After exchanging their vows (which I got to write based on their love story and future goals) on top of the World at the Sea to Sky Gondola, we traveled just 15 minutes South down the coast to Porteau Cove where they celebrated with champagne and oysters for two. The sun set, they laughed, we took photos and I silently cried in the bushes with so much happiness and gratitude for sharing in their love. Their day was incredible, and this video by Jody Hill  captures every moment of it. 

A party is spectacular. Don't get me wrong. I'll plan you the best party you can dream of! But love? Love is free. It's not sparkly or concerned with colour palettes. It's refined and gracious, and it doesn't need caterers and invitations to show the World it's radiance. So remember that. Remember that when you get engaged and you don't know where to start with wedding planning...start right at home, tucked away in the arms of your love. Do what's right for you, make a magical day that feels as comfortable as the place you have found in your partner's heart. 

- Robyn xo

AuthorRobyn Savage

Real Wedding Story: Rayne and Kyle were one of the most incredibly cool and HOTTEST couples I have had the pleasure of working with. So, when Rayne told me she wanted to ice Kyle during the garter belt tradition...naturally, I couldn't help but smirk and agree :)

I'm not usually one to play pranks on my clients, but when it's the bride's idea...I have no choice but to smile and nod! Just as Kyle crawled his way up his bride's Cinderella dress to find nothing but a chilled Smirnoff Ice, his buddies surrounded him and took a knee. Like champions, the gents guzzled their coolers while the crowd gathered around and lost their minds over the smooth stunt.

Have you ever seen anything better than this?! I mean, I absolutely love these memorable wedding moments. How will you make your day your own? Remember, amidst the planning and mandatory traditions are little opportunities to play, flirt, and laugh with your love and guests :) 

Need some suggestions on how to customize your big day? Have an idea to share with others? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

With a light heart and big smile,

- Robyn xo

PS. He got the garter too ;) 

Photos by Laura Rowe

AuthorRobyn Savage

'she was never crazy.
she just didn't let her heart settle in a cage.
she was born wild, and sometimes we need people like her. 
for it's the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours. 
and she was always willing to burn for everything she loved.' 

- R. M. Drake

Photography by Nadia Hung Photography

Dress by Karen Willis Holmes

Head Piece by Olivia Headpieces 

Hair by Tori Blush 

Makeup by Carol Hung


AuthorRobyn Savage

A small gathering out in the field, with local wild flowers and fresh salted chocolate. A rustic table with vintage plates and reclaimed lace. The only thing that could possibly make this setting any better is a bottle of chilled bubbly and the sound of best friends laughter echoing through the valley. What joy simple things bring us, when we treat ourselves with the gift of slowing down to breathe it all in!

Setting tables, creating the backdrop for moments like these - memories, story telling, connectedness, gathering, sharing - this is why I love what I do. There is something silently rewarding about knowing the beautiful settings we create are the backdrop for memory making. A collection of moments. 

This day was just that! This table setting is perfect for a ladies brunch or a friend's bridal shower. Who said these special occasions need to be weddings? We say everyday is a good day to slow down and glam it up! Grab your girls and gather round - this summer is for finding the space that brings you more joy and fills you up with love! Give flowers, share stories, collect moments; all in the company of good people and a beautiful surrounding.

Happy Monday Loves! May this table setting inspire you to do something lovely this week!

Robyn, X O 

AuthorRobyn Savage

Here at Blue Violet Events, two of our favourite things are giving and creating. We're also into organic, all natural products that don't harm the environment...but still look cute & smell pretty! We know that sometimes these gifts can be difficult to find, or leave you with a frightening bill at the checkout counter. So, here in the studio this week, we whipped up the perfect little DIY gift for your bridal party! Follow along as we teach you how to make your very own Organic Lotion. 

This homemade organic lotion is ideal for the body or face, and I've been addicted since making the first batch! Follow this simple recipe to check out the hype:

You Will Need:

> 1 Cup of Water (Substitute water for herbal tea, rose water, witch hazel, or aloe to add extracts and soft fragrance to your lotion)

> 1 Cup Soft Coconut Oil 

> 15 grams of Beeswax 

> Your Choice of various Essential Oils (Rosehip, Vitamin E or A, Lavender, Peppermint, etc.)

> A Blender 

I was able to find all of these ingredients (including local beeswax!) at our local health food store. 

The Method:

> Melt together your oils and beeswax (about 2 minutes in a microwave or slightly longer in a saucepan on the stove top) 

> Let this concoction cool slightly (but do not let it reach room temperature!), then pour it into your blender and turn onto low speed

> Very slowly add your water (or tea/rose water/aloe substitute) - you want your water and melted oils to be about the same temperature when mixing! *If choosing to use essential oils, add a few drops to your water before mixing. 

> Turn speed up slightly on your blender, and watch your lotion form (approximately one minute!) Blend until you get a smooth white lotion consistency.

> Drain any extra water that didn't mix with the oils!

> Pour into your jar of choice.

> Lotion will settle and harden slightly as it rests. For longer storage (up to one month!) keep refrigerated. 

> Enjoy!! 

Personalize the packaging with ribbon in your wedding colours, attach a cute little label or name tag, or even customize the jars! 

We chose a feminine silk ribbon by Stella Wolfe, a local textile company in Vancouver, and an old Ball Mason Jar for a classic look.

This took us about 15 minutes from start to finish (I was totally prepared for a full afternoon of mad scientist action in the kitchen), and I am OBSESSED with the final product!!

Give it a go, and spread the love! 

Robyn, X O 

AuthorRobyn Savage

So perfectly intimate are mornings of soft awakening. Rolling over in a gentle haze, slowly allowing light to infuse our eyelids, while we navigate our way from a dream state to waking reality. Kind of how I feel today...squeaky around the edges, comfortably tucked in my favourite t-shirt, with a cup of strong coffee making my way through the start of the day. 

Jessica Ballerini reached out yesterday, all the way from Italy, with a brave request for me to watch her wedding videos and share my thoughts. I continued to scroll through each video, silently stunned by the beautiful moments we humans have the gift of sharing with others. Truth is, I have not the slightest idea what makes a "good wedding video" or a stacked with talent motion picture. I go by feeling. Emotion, movement, authenticity. 

From what I can tell, Jessica captures it all. I have shared my favourite video with you this morning. As I stretch my brain and slowly come to life, I can relate to mornings filled with love and endearment. Besides, the white sheets and early light she captures are just too good to ignore! 

Good morning sweet loves. Single or married, alone or surrounded...may your morning be filled with moments of tenderness, and may you catch yourself wandering in a dream like state. 

Robyn, X O 

AuthorRobyn Savage

Bridesmaids have transformed over the last few years, don't you think? I am loving the freedom brides are giving their babes these days, and I can't tell you how happy I am to see mix-matched patterns, floral prints, and pops of colour - or lack there of - standing up at the altar! Bridesmaids in all white has got to be one of my favourite wedding trends of the last couple of years, and I just die when I see various floral prints trotting down the aisle. 

Maxi dresses are a new fave. I found some sweet ones on WhatWhatWear.com and I just had to share! Maxi dresses done right! Send your bridesmaids down the aisle looking breezy and feeling good in these modern maid gowns. So good! YES to the cool bride and her chic, badass babes who can rock gowns that aren't made of satin!

X O 

AuthorRobyn Savage

I've always said Sundays were made for love, and yesterday was just that. A west coast elopement with a stunning couple on the shores of Canada's West Coast.

I can't show you much more than this quite yet, but these images takes the words right out of my mouth. When you eliminate guests, and cake, banners, and processionals...what is left, is simply love. Moments of quiet, tender interaction. 

Thank you for sharing this intimate day with us

AuthorRobyn Savage

What happens when a contributing editor to Vogue and a Dutch shoe designer get hitched? HEAVEN. Heaven is what happens. 

After vacationing on the Italian island of Capri for as long as they can remember, selecting a wedding destination was a no brainer when Erica + Louis got engaged. If you've ever been to Capri, then you're familiar with it's sultry blue waters, rocky shoreline, and sexy reputation. It really is one of those destinations you arrive in, and as a not-rich-lacking-style Canadian, say to yourself, "wow, these people are out of a magazine." Everyone is beautiful. Every street is perfectly cobblestoned with views stretching into the ocean and towards the endless sky. The air is salty, the patios are full, and the tiny streets beckon curiosity with every turn. It's the perfect destination wedding location...if you can pull it off like Erica + Louis ;) 

The details involved in this explosive love fest include balloons with a little message that each guest released into the sky after the couple said 'I do', the most Goddess like gowns (bridesmaids and custom bridal), and finally, the blooming orange trees that replaced the traditional ceremonial alter. Heaven!! The dinner table was equally as flawless. Simple, but elegant, boasting a long row of rosemary, coupled with tall orchids that added a touch of height and femininity. Not to mention the infinite number of candles (best noted in the video), that create this sea of warm light. I'm drooling. Oh! And I'm also in awe over the simple little daisy bouquets donned by the entire bridal party - how CUTE are these? 

I"ll tell ya, the more time I spend planning + styling weddings, the more I realize the couples that really nail it are the ones who tell their story and don't waiver. They don't cave in to wedding cliches or get worried about maintaining tradition. Instead, they share their story in a way that feels authentic to themselves, which translates to this mad beautiful event - no matter what the details or menu! That being said, watch the video below. She's so VOGUE. 

Enjoy these delicious inspiration images!


AuthorRobyn Savage

Once in while, I have these immaculate days where I look around and can't believe where I'm standing. Days in which the smells, sounds, and sights around me come springing to life, and I am halted in the moment...awed and inspired by my own life. This is not everyday. And sometimes the smell that arises is the rotten garbage that my roommates haven't changed, and the sight is a stack of quotes and invoices to be filed. BUT, more often than not....it's days like the one below that fill me with hope and gratitude. It's days like these days, that make me bow my head and close my eyes to take it all in and whisper "thank you" under my breath.

This styled shoot, like many, started small and ended up precious. Tucked away in the Pemberton mountains, down the most gorgeous stretch of road, resides a beautiful flower farm called Bathtub Gardens.  Only pretty things live here, including the sweet florist, her partner, and their guard dog (who usually just mellows out under the weeping willow tree out front.) In Whistler, just around the corner and up the hill from me, lives a most gorgeous photographer who talks like me and laughs like me...a woman I am slowly learning has shaped her World to reflect her dreams, who I admire and appreciate as a role model and colleague. I get to watch her write her story, and every time we collaborate, I am enamoured by her talent & tigress (roar.) 

Well, these women and I got together. We got together, and sparks flew! Things happened, and we got excited, and we got carried away, and we created the most beautiful surprise Saturday morning! I can't explain it...other than a spontaneous combustion of blooms and babes in a flower field with decor and a camera. The photos say the rest. 

AuthorRobyn Savage