Real Wedding: Tessa & Kyle, Whistler, BC

The other day I was out for a walk, and I felt that first crisp chill of winter air. The type of chill that makes you want to cozy your shoulders right up next to your chin, tuck your hands in your pockets, and motorboat your lips - ya know? I looked at the snow covered mountains in the distance and thought to myself, “Oh yes, winter is near”.

I felt all the exciting feelings of a new season, new aesthetics, new weddings, new cravings, movie releases, and holidays sweep over me.

And then I got all excited to share these winter weddings with you over the next couple of weeks! Winter weddings are in a league of their own when it comes to romance, especially when you’re tucked in the shelter of the mountains. Whistler is arguably her best in the winter months offering world famous ski runs, mountain top chalets, cozy bars to sip your favourite glass of something warm, hot tubs, and memorable apres parties!

Talk about giving your guests the ultimate experience! This is what our team if here for - helping you find the perfect venue, creating the most memorable itinerary, and locking in a schedule of events that feels most like you.

How will Whistler help you tell your love story? Let us help.

In the mean time, get cozy and inspired with this winter wedding from last season.

All the cozy vibes,

Robyn & Cailey


REAL WEDDING: Tessa & Kyle

Venue: Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre

Photography: Kevin McAlary

Day of Coordination: Blue Violet Events

Florals and Decor: Styled by Blue Violet Events, DIY’d and collected by the bride

The Story:

Tessa and Kyle really used their wedding as a way to tell their story. To connect with their guests on an intimate level, and it showed in every detail throughout their day - the vows, the flowers, the place settings. Not a single thing wasn’t intentional, and I loved setting their table for that reason - everything had a story, and it belonged just to them.

The look: Winter Boho Chic

The colour palette for this wedding was everything! Neutrals with pops of deep winter green, burgundy, and copper/metallic accents.

The florals:

Tessa and her bridesmaids put her florals together the day before the wedding all by themselves! We love the idea of getting your girls in the same room, popping some bubbly, putting on your favourite playlist, and playing with flowers! The outcome was beautiful.

The Reception:

Have you ever stepped foot in Istken Hall at the SLCC? It’s a room everyone walks into and says, “WOW”. You instantly feel embraced by nature and hugged by the warmth of the room. It’s a circular room of windows offering beautiful natural light (that your photographer will love!), and the view of trees isn’t terrible either ;)

Tessa and Kyle had their guests seated at round tables outlining the shape of the room, creating an elegant and simple floor plan that really showed off the space. Their tables were dressed with copper accents, vintage vases in white milk glass and clear cut crystal, soft ivory napkins, and textured watercolour place cards to direct guests to their seats.

Simple elegance at it’s finest.

PS. We’ll be at the Vancouver Wedding Fair this January 12-13th with the Squamish Cultural Lil’Wat Cultural Centre, and we’re giving away a FREE 3 HOUR STYLING SESSION that will give you everything you need to create your dream wedding!!! We’re so excited to meet all of our 2019 brides and hear all about your visions.

Real Wedding: Kaylen & Mike, Whistler BC

We’re taking you on a small flashback over the next couple of weeks, because well, to be honest, the last 10 months have been very full! Full of new clients, weddings, creations, new team members, a very full and beautiful wedding season, toddler life, travels, and SO MUCH MORE!

As we are finally finding the time to dive back into our blog and website, updating and beautifying #allthethings…it seemed unfair not to feature some of the stunning ceremonies, receptions, and couples from last summer before moving onto to all the gorgeousness that was 2018.

So…without any further delay, let’s do this!

REAL WEDDING: Kaylen & Mike

Venue: Dusty’s, at Whistler Blackcomb

Photography: Ainsley Rose Photography

Florals and Day of Coordination: Blue Violet Events

The Story:

This wedding was one of our favourites, and absolutely one of yours! It has been used as inspiration for florals and decor many times over since the photos by Ainsley Rose originally got shared on Instagram, and I must say…recreating the vision for Kaylen & Mike’s day in various ways has been very fulfilling.

The look: West Coast Chic

Kaylen and Mike were the epitome of “West Coast Class”. Everything was refined. From the bridesmaids getting ready robes, to her perfect bridal gown, to the bow ties, place settings, and classic colour palette…

Although absolutely nothing about the event was uptight or stuffy…nothing was out of place. That’s what I call, the perfect balance of Coastal Elegance.

The florals:

Kaylen’s bouquet featured a gorgeous pink Queen Protea, fresh neutral blooms, and a variety of rustic greens. The shape was sprawling and wild, but we kept it pretty contained to suit Kaylen’s petite frame.

The wedding arbor was lush and elegant, stunningly set against the backdrop of Whistler mountain. It seriously upped the sex appeal of Dusty’s outdoor patio and made for the perfect backdrop for K&M to say ‘I do!’ Check out the drapery for inspiration for your own wedding!

The Reception:

Long tables are maybe my favourite dining trend since…well, ever. Some people consider them impersonal and difficult to create conversation, while to me they feel the opposite. Intimate, casual, joyous…sort of like an old family tradition that gets to be shared by all of your closest people. Will someone pass the bread!?

We had long tables with garlands traced throughout the middle, gold charger plates for a splash of elegance, sprigs of greens to incorporate the rustic appeal, crisp white napkins to keep things clean, simple but feminine place cards with handwritten calligraphy to soften the aesthetic…

From the couple:

"We had the BEST experience working with Robyn at Blue Violet Events. From flowers to decor to coordination, Robyn and her team did such an incredible job perfecting everything and they were an amazing team to work with. We could not be happier with how the day turned out. Each piece was executed exactly as we had envisioned, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with."

We hope you enjoy this series of photos as much as we enjoyed bringing this wedding to life! Of course, you will never get to feel the joy, love, and excitement that was shared with Kaylen, Mike, their beautiful families, and models…I mean friends…on this beautiful summer’s day…but you get the idea ;)

What’s your favourite thing about this wedding gallery? We’d love to hear it! Comment below, and email us if you have any specific questions about something you’d like to see on your own wedding day.

Now off to fill up my tea to endure more of this November rain…



PS. We’ll be at the Vancouver Wedding Fair this January 12-13th with the Squamish Cultural Lil’Wat Cultural Centre, and we’re giving away a FREE 3 HOUR STYLING SESSION that will give you everything you need to create your dream wedding!!! We’re so excited to meet all of our 2019 brides and hear all about your visions.


Hi loves, 

It's 2018! We totally made it. And I am feeling some really beautiful energy surrounding what's to come in this year ahead. My hope is that you, too, are feeling new, inspired, and all filled up on love after a grounding and celebratory holiday season!

I'm especially excited for you if this was the year he finally got you the special little box for Christmas. You know the one...the little velvet box that doesn't require wrapping paper but always  comes with a long-awaited question attached? 

If you got engaged this holiday season, Congratulations! What an incredible way to start the New Year, hand-in-hand with diamonds (if that's your style) and your newly crowned Fiancé! (Don't worry, you'll never get used the awkwardness of the 'f' word.)

If that's the case and you're a new bride looking for her first bits of inspiration...look NO further!

Rime Arodaky has been one of my favourite dress designers since my whole healthy addiction to weddings started back in 2013. I think I may have drooled on my laptop the first time I laid eyes on her perfectly badass bridal gowns. Sultry and seductive. Funky and feminine. Flowly and rough around the edges.

Exactly what I always wanted in a wedding dress. Just enough flare to turn heads. 

And as predicted, her 2018 'The Runaways' Collection does not disappoint! It's in fact, the ultimate swoon worthy collection for any newly engaged bride looking to redefine bridal wear and break the mould, just a little. 

Newly engaged, or perhaps just addicted to gorg gowns & all things love? 

Do yourself a favour. Get an extra hot latte and cozy up to feast your eyes on this marvellous selection of perfect frocks. 

There's a chance you'll also be looking for a new boyfriend with a motorcycle by the time you're through, too.

(Don't say I didn't warn you...)

Warm hearts & Happy New Year! 


PS. Newly engaged and looking for some tips on how to do this whole "Wedding Planning" thing? Don't worry, we've got you! We're launching a whole series of NEW services & offerings at the end of the month and we've got EVERYTHING covered! From calligraphy, to bridesmaids gowns, to floral design, and timelines - we got you! Send us an email to, or head to our 'CONTACT' page to book your FREE initial consultation!! xo

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.40.00 PM.png

Real Wedding: Danielle & Carlos

Carlos and Danielle were SO MUCH FUN!!! We planned their Whistler wedding over IPA's and laughter, really just acting as pawns in their game of chess helping them pull their bigger vision together. 

The first time I ever met these two was at my very own kitchen table. I invited them over to my home for our first planning consultation since they lived locally and it was a nice way to get the ball rolling! I remember thinking, "these two must be a new couple" the first time we sat down. Something about the way they laughed wholeheartedly, flirted back and forth, and slyly poked fun of each other made me nostalgic for the butterflies of new love. 

Then I found out they had been together for a freaking decade...

which made me even more stoked and honoured to be a part of their celebration!!  

No words needed for this humble yet breathtaking matrimony. Every single detail was well thought out and planned to a tee. They found the ultimate private residence in Whistler to host their intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends, and then made their way to the base of Whistler mountain to celebrate, locals style

Carlos and Danielle - I know you will have the happiest, well caffeinated, adventurous, party rich, and community driven marriage. May your lives be lived happily ever after!

Big love, 



Ceremony Venue: Private Residence

Reception Venue: Garibaldi Lift Co

Photography: Whistler Wedding Collective

Bridal Bouquet: Blue Violet Events

Day of Coordination and Decor Rentals: Blue Violet Events

Real Wedding: Lauren and Jacob, Whistler BC

"I will never be perfect for you but I will always imperfectly try to be." - Atticus

One day, while traveling the world looking for individual experiences and exposure to new cultures, food, and scenery...a boy met a girl. And on that very same trip, that boy told that girl, "I'm going to marry you"...

And that's exactly what he did! 

On the perfect rainy day in May in front of all of their (really fun) friends and family, Lauren and Jacob tied the knot. I remember setting up their wedding arch at The Audain Art Museum as heavy rain created a waterfall between the ceremony and the backdrop of lush trees. As I made sure the ceremony was protected from the down pour, I remember hearing Lauren's voice saying, "when we checked out the venue it was pouring rain and I just loved the sound and it created, it was so romantic". The only bride in history who wished for rain on her wedding day, and she was right. 

The mood was set, the wedding party was looking chic, and the guests cuddled up in blankets as Lauren and Jacob exchanged their vows. It was absolutely, perfect. 

From their earthy but feminine colour palette, to the shot ski, to their hilarious groomsmen...not a beat was missed! Don't believe me? Check out their seating chart that told a piece of their travel story, and their table numbers that told tales of where they've been. The details never lie!

Thank you Lauren and Jacob for allowing us to become characters in your love story. We can't wait to hear what's next on your adventure. 

Warm Holiday Wishes to all of our BVE couples out there (old & new!)




PS. One of my favourite details from Lauren and Jacob's wedding was the table of old family photographs they had on display. Dating back generations they paid homage to their grandparents and great grandparents for teaching them what marriage means and what true love endures. That's gold. 


Ceremony Venue: The Audain Art Museum

Reception Venue: Nita Lake Lodge

Photography: Leah Kathryn Photography 

Florals: Senka Florist

Day of Coordination and Decor Rentals: Blue Violet Events

Real Wedding: Vena & Stephen North Arm Farm, Pemberton

I've been sifting through, gently staring at Vena and Stephen's wedding photographs for months now. They were one of our first big weddings of 2017, and the memories and relationships we built with this couple have left me sort of astounded at the power of love. 

I have to start by talking about Vena. She is a beautiful, focused, caring, confident, passionate, and loving woman. Every time we hopped on the phone (usually late at night due to our time difference), she'd be eating a midnight snack and I'd be curled up in bed to get cozy for one of our lengthy planning sessions. Vena loved to talk through the details, to speak the ideas out loud as if the words truly formed the vision. 

As a result, our 45 minutes planning sessions often turned into 60 minutes...which melted into 90 minutes...which turned into the most beautiful friendship, and even more stunning wedding!

Vena. I know you're going to read this. And I just need to say how much you taught me as a wedding planner. How much I learned from your generous and kind spirit as a woman. And how grateful I am to have played a part in your love story. 

Their wedding? Well, there wedding was a three day affair full of flowers, food, and champagne! With a stunning Mount Currie backdrop, live tunes, and table settings to swoon over...this wedding was a true delight. I can't wait for you to see for yourself! 

Put on the song "Let's be Still" by The Head and the Heart, and feast your eyes on these photos by Leah Kathryn Photography. 

Feel the feels and sink into love knowing it's shared in so many ways. 

Happy Weekend lovers!



Photography: Leah Kathryn Photography

Venue: North Arm Farm 

Flowers: Flowers and Jules

Full Service Wedding Planning and Day of Coordination: Blue Violet Events 

Music: Musos Entertainment

Real Wedding: Lauren & Andrew The Red Barn, Pemberton

Lauren and Andrew came to us with a crystal clear vision of what they wanted for their wedding day. As Whistler locals, they were super excited to showcase the mountain town they call home. And just to make their day a little more adventurous, they decided to put all their favourite people on a bus and take them to an incredible place in the middle of no where with 360 degree mountain views and not a living soul in sight (except for the grazing cows in the neighbouring paddock). 

Their wedding was absolutely stunning in the most understated way, with an emphasis on people, food, and celebration! In our opinion, all the things a wedding should be about.

All the feels rather than all the things

The Red Barn in Pemberton is a one-of-a-kind venue, and surely worth a look if you're newly engaged! Open fields provide a blank canvas for your dream ceremony, and the natural landscape creates an incredible feast for the eyes. Every time I return to this venue, I am taken aback by the raw beauty that is BC. 

Lauren and Andrew made this day their very own with earthy details and an unruffled West Coast vibe that cannot be reproduced! I read this quote recently and immediately their love came to mind: 


"You remind me so much of life's simple pleasures and everything effortless and sweet in the world. A good read. Fresh, clean sheets. A quick dip in the sea. A cozy, rainy Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and no place to be." - Beau Taplin


Lauren and Andrew - I know your wedding was a small preview of how fun and authentic your entire lives will be lived. Thank you for letting us witness this type of love and take a little piece of your story with us on our journey. You taught us that simplicity is divine. 

Whether you're reading this blog as a newlywed, a newly engaged, or a longtime wed...may you find inspiration in the feels, not the things. 



Venue: The Red Barn, Riverlands Equestrian Centre

Photography: Darby Magill

Planning: Blue Violet Events, Day of Coordination & Styling 

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Decor: Blue Violet Events 

Real Wedding: Kat and Matt, Sea to Sky Gondola Squamish

I knew Kat & Matt were cooler than me from the day of our first consultation. And, I was right. I mean, look at them! Their engagement photos feature a live owl and Kat's demeanour insinuates she's cuddling her pet kitten. Pardon, what!? Any bride who is willing to handle an owl in the name of love deserves one killer wedding. 

And she got it. 

Atop a mountain, Kat turned a lengthy suspension bridge into her dream aisle. I can tell you that standing on the other side watching her walk towards her love was one of the most breathtaking wedding scenes of all time. I'm not sure if it was her dress, the view, or the knowing look on her face...but Kat's aisle walk was one of my all time favourites.

Dramatic and daring. Elegant and graceful.  

We had the honour of being Kat & Matt's 'Day of Coordinators' which meant ensuring every detail was just as they dreamed! From the ceremony arrangement to the first champagne toast, to place settings, and styling the dessert table - creating their vision was a true joy! It is always amazing to see a bride and groom's love story come to life on their wedding day. 

Here's what they had to say about working with us! 

“We hired Blue Violet Events for day-of coordination after a fluke run-in with Robyn while we were checking out venues in Whistler, from that first meeting I knew I wanted to work with her. She's easy-going, fun and full of personality! Through Robyn, we got to know Sam and together they made the months leading up to the wedding and the day of so efficient and easy. The wedding day itself was seamless, thanks to their organization and attention to detail. We are so happy to have had them a part of our day!”

I suggest you grab a glass of wine and a notebook if you're in the planning stages, because this rustic elegant wedding is full of stunning inspiration! 

Congratulations Kat & Matt! May your entire life be as full of love as your wedding day was. 


Venue: Sea to Sky Gondola

Planning: Blue Violet Events, Day of Coordination

Flowers: Botany & Co. 

Photography: The Apartment Photography  


Real Wedding: Leslie and Brandon

Meet Leslie and Brandon. The loveliest man finds the daintiest lady and they laugh so hard together that it infects the world with love and joy. That's how their story felt to me, anyways. 

When I first met these two I remember thinking, "they're so sweet!" So soft and easy going, gentle and down-to-earth. Coming from Hawaii, they shared an island vibe that felt easily relatable to our west coast culture. Thankful for their people, grateful for the land, and ready to throw one heck of a good party! When the dance floor was bumpin' at 3:30pm, I knew we had done our jobs well! 

Their wedding was hosted on March 20, 2017 in the middle of summer's slumber. Winter weddings are always a little bit of a gamble. You want snow, but not too much snow. You want light, but not too much light. You want cold, but definitely not wind. And if the sun would come out for just 20 minutes during the ceremony to keep everyone's toes warm, well that would be just perfect! While we don't always get exactly what we want for weather, the end result is always the same...

Romantic, crisp, and cozy. A gorgeous winter retreat for friends and family to forget about the cold by celebrating love and toasting to a new forever. 

Here's to you, L & B. May these mountains always remind you that wherever you adventure together, you will find home. 



Venue: The Westin, Whistler BC. 

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Planning and Styling: Blue Violet Events 

Photography: Anastasia Chomlack, The Whistler Wedding Collective

Sneak Peak: Kelly and Cam, Pemberton, BC.

I just received this absolutely stunning sneak peak from a late summer wedding, and I am in total lust over these images from the crazy talented Tomasz Wagner

On this day, it poured, we "Plan B'd", they loved, and the guests partied. It was so beautiful and authentic and extraordinary, I can honestly say...this wedding humbled my spirit and brought me to tears more than once. They say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day, and for the first time, I truly believe it. Thank you Mother Nature for playing your part in making this day raw and memorable. 

Thank you Cam and Kelly for sharing your day with me - I am so happy to now call you friends, and to celebrate your marriage and radical love with you for years to come! 

Do yourself a favour and grab a nice bold glass of red to go along with this beautiful sequence of images! Then, click THIS LINK to see the slide show :) 

Venue: Green Water Resort, Pemberton, BC

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Decor and Styling: Blue Violet Events

Wedding Planning: Blue Violet Events 

Hair and Makeup: A friend of the bride

Officiant: Chad Chomlack 

Catering: The Collective Kitchen

Real Wedding: Kelsey and Marc, Whister, BC.

Kelsey and Marc came all the way from Texas to get married at Nicklaus North Golf Club in Whistler, BC. We met on the patio a couple days before the big day to go over all of their details, and as we enjoyed a cold beer, I knew theirs was going to be a special day!

We helped Kelsey create her vision of a classic romantic mountain wedding, with a neutral palette and pops of blush throughout. The family style tables were adorned with wooden vases, mercury glass and classic blooms (rentals and florals by our in house floral team!) The warm light and the natural backdrop created an atmosphere of intimacy and camaraderie for their small, elegant affair. It was a classic day and we're happy share some of our favourite moments with you! 

Venue: Nickalus North Golf Club, Whistler BC.

Florals: Blue Violet Events

Planning and Coordination: Blue Violet Events

Signage: Blue Violet Events

Photography: The Whistler Wedding Collective, Jessika Hunter

Winter Engagement Inspiration

Today we're styling an engagement session in the woods with The Whistler Wedding Collective. What does this mean? They take pictures, we make it look pretty ;) 

Our inspiration is a warm wintery scene, authentic to the couple and our surroundings. We will be in the woods surrounded by mountains, with hot chocolate and yummy treats to warm us up during the shoot! We will pull in cute details, such as Parisian rugs, tin mugs and simple greens to add an earthy bohemian touch - the love is in the details! 

Here are a few shots from our inspiration board! Check out the full board on our Pinterest page.

Wish us luck! 

Robyn, XO

Real Wedding: Lindsay + Lucas, Oyama, BC

Lindsay and Lucas got married in the middle of the Okanagan hills, on a late summer day. The sky was dancing with clouds, and the views stretched endlessly across open acres; a subtle reminder that love knows no bounds. We were situated in the middle of an orchard, tucked away beside the loveliest lake. Generations of memories, families, and trailers all tucked into a corner of land that quietly facilitated years of fun. This was heaven, and we were welcomed by the loving arms of family and treated as one of their very own. As a travelling wedding planner, it really doesn’t get much better! We were settled, happy, and ready to get to work! 

Gatzke Orchard is a stunning plot of land, boasting fresh fruit and the most wonderful rustic wedding venue! I would describe the setting for you, but the photos speak a thousand words on their own :) Apple trees and a rustic barn, an open air dance floor and cascading vines that intertwined with sparkling chandeliers to set the tone for the most stunning reception. Fresh peaches (picked that day no doubt) added a pop of colour to each place setting, and we adorned the tables with wild flowers for pops of magical colour to match the warm summer breeze. TIP: our custom grey table runners are the perfect back drop for a fresh pop of colour!! The alter, which we constructed out of authentic apple crates and vintage details was everyone’s favourite touch!! It was simple and classic, bringing the natural farm environment to life - really paying homage to the land.

Lindsay and Lucas’ day was nothing short of elegant and perfectly put together! Every detail just sort of fit together seamlessly to complete the greater puzzle, and at the end of the day, our Blue Violet Events team sat back in marvel as we watched the celebration come to life! As much as the day was not our own, we truly felt a part of this wedding, and truth the told - the family. 

Thank you for such a ripe experience (pun intended!), and for allowing us to bring your vision to life. I say this every time, but I will truly never forget how beautiful this weekend was - or finally skinny dipping in that lake on the way home :) 

Happy weekending lovers of the land! 

Robyn, XO


Photography: Taya Photography

Venue: Gatzke Orchards 

Flowers: Blue Violet Events

Day of Wedding Coordination: Blue Violet Events

Decor: Blue Violet Events

Custom Wedding Invitations: Maps + Watercolour

In the winter months, while summer is fast asleep... I create. I create custom invitation suites to send across the World with love! 

Here is a pretty watercolour set I handmade this season, complete with illustrated maps and sweet little greenery details! The colour palette for this upcoming June wedding is lavender and sage green, so I had a lot of fun playing around with different tones and shades to get everything just right :) 

These invitations were not individually hand done, but instead, I designed one master copy and had the other 100 printed on heavy card stock. They turned out beautifully! Don't you agree :) 

Feeling grateful to have my hand to paper dirtied with paint, and thankful to have clients who trust me with their vision! 

Happy Monday beautifuls, 

Robyn, xo

Pictures by Sara Spectrum from The Whistler Wedding Collective

Custom Wedding Invitations: Pemberton Wedding

There are some points in your career that you say "YES!" to projects for the thrill of being bold. To create with finesse. To bring a vision to life. 

This was one of those times. These custom wedding invitations were a beautiful challenge with the most stunning outcome! 50 hand painted watercolour wedding invitations with custom calligraphy, addressed to family members across the World. 

My husband would say this project was a nightmare (my studio is in my house, and my house is too small for my studio), but I loved every minute of it...and the feeling of creating such a unique keepsake for this bride and groom will make me smile one million times over. 

For inquiries on how to get wedding invitations, save the dates, or thank-you cards this pretty, send us an email at hello[@]

Real Wedding: Sarah + Andrew, Vancouver

I can't say enough about Sarah + Andrew's Vancouver wedding, rather I fear I'll say too much. Naturally, expectations begin to soar when word hits the street that a spirited bohemian artist is marrying a contemporary graphic designer. I mean, this was my dream come true. What can't be anticipated, however, is the authenticity, spirit, and late evening sun that adorned this unforgettable August day. With just enough grace and truth to write a modern day fairytale, this authentic love story was a Blue Violet Events fave. 

I will let the images, beautifully captured by The Nickersons, do most of the talking...right after I point out a few of my favourite details. The dress by Grace Loves Lace, fit Sarah like a glove and was so simply perfect, it had us all in awe. The venue, UBC Farm, is one of the most discrete and fetching wedding venues I have ever worked with! They harvest from the land, support local community, and their endless hospitality creates a welcoming down-to-earth feeling, like you just arrived home at the farm after months away (note: also pretty rad that it's tucked away in the middle of urban Vancouver.) Lastly, I died over all the homemade details by the bride and groom themselves. The beaded menu holders, the dreamcatchers, and that stationary!! 

We had SO much fun putting this all together, what a treat to be part of something so truly magical.

Let these images take you away to dreams of your very own fairytale,

Robyn, xx

Real Wedding: Amanda + Scott, Pemberton, BC

Without saying a word, I know you're already swooning over this stunning July wedding Blue Violet Events had the honour of styling and coordinating up for Amanda + Scott. Amanda's impeccable style flowed effortlessly throughout the event details, beginning with her DIY hair and makeup, extending to the handmade ceremony arbor, and individual place settings. This lovefest was a stunning emaglumation of rustic elegance; the perfect blend of feminine fashionista meets rural naturalist. 

Far into the Pemberton meadows, resides Green Water Resort. A beautiful piece of land laced with sweeping willow trees, icy blue streams, and handmade teepees. The wild flowers grow and mini waterfalls bounce off the natural rock wall; all the while, guests mingle in the well-groomed grass sipping summer cocktails. 

Amanda and Scott chased storm clouds away, toughed out threatening smoke evacuation notices, and trusted that their day, regardless of the elements, would be the very best day. Through laughter, tears, and a whole lot of dancing, these two demonstrate the vintage kind of love; the love that endures. 

Thank you for sharing your day with us Amanda + Scott!


a+s 1.jpg


Photography - Christie Graham Photography

Venue- Green Water Resort, Pemberton, BC
Wedding dress- Katie May
Head Piece- Olivia the Wolf
Bridesmaids’ dresses- Dessy, Donna Morgan
Groom’s suit- Indochino
Florals: Flowers and Jules
Planning- Blue Violet Events
Catering- Collective Kitchen
Makeup and hair- DIY
Film Scans- Caribou Lab
Video- Shawn Lee

Bouquets & Succulents

Hi loves! I have been totally MIA from the blog scene whilst wedding season has been in full swing. Eek! I have been loving every minute of this wedding challenges, new venues, new love stories, and one million stunning and love-filled moments I will never forget. I can't wait until the fall rain clouds roll in, when I get to cozy up with images, tea, and share with you the journey Blue Violet Events has been on this wedding season :) 

Until then, here is a sneak peak of some beautiful bouquets we made for our lovely bride Rachael, alongside the boutonnieres we created for her handsome groom, Jeff!! It was my first time incorporating succulents into bouquets, and OMG I think they turned out soooo beautifully! I wanted to keep one as an everyday accessory, but realized that might have been a little over-the-top ;)

I hope your summer has been filled with the type of warmth that doesn't wane, the type of adventure that leaves you stunned by the beauty of the World we live in, and the type of love that keeps you up at night. 

Happiest Sunday, 

Robyn xo

Photos by Daniela Mason of Pink Pearl Images.

West Coast Elopement

Weddings have become a beautiful big deal. They are elaborate, elusive, and without a doubt the best day of your life (until your first child is born or summit that mountain you've always dreamed of climbing.) There is no doubt that tying the knot is something worth celebrating with all of your closest friends and family...

But an elopement? An elopement is magical. I've said it before, and I'll say it (over & over) incredibly enchanting is the idea of just the two of you. Somewhere your heart feels at home. Somewhere no one can find you, or distract you. Somewhere quiet and rich in nature, aloneness, and serenity. Elysia and Ryan found that place, and every second I spent with them to create their perfect day reminded me how sacred and unified love is. 

I feel so honoured to have been a part of their intimate day! After exchanging their vows (which I got to write based on their love story and future goals) on top of the World at the Sea to Sky Gondola, we traveled just 15 minutes South down the coast to Porteau Cove where they celebrated with champagne and oysters for two. The sun set, they laughed, we took photos and I silently cried in the bushes with so much happiness and gratitude for sharing in their love. Their day was incredible, and this video by Jody Hill  captures every moment of it. 

A party is spectacular. Don't get me wrong. I'll plan you the best party you can dream of! But love? Love is free. It's not sparkly or concerned with colour palettes. It's refined and gracious, and it doesn't need caterers and invitations to show the World it's radiance. So remember that. Remember that when you get engaged and you don't know where to start with wedding planning...start right at home, tucked away in the arms of your love. Do what's right for you, make a magical day that feels as comfortable as the place you have found in your partner's heart. 

- Robyn xo