TIPS:: Planning a Destination Wedding

Before winter weddings (which are just around the corner!)...come far away beach weddings that have brides, grooms, and guests soaking up the sun, sipping afternoon cocktails by the pool, slipping away from the chaos of everyday. Sold yet? Destination weddings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the modern jet setting couple; lovers who wish to step away from it all to say, "I do!" We're heading to Cabo and Maui next month to create some wedding magic...and here a few of the reasons we are THIS excited!!.....

As a wedding planner and stylist, I love the idea of a destination wedding. Fleeing your daily deadlines sets the tone for a relaxed, joyous, social occasion - one where all your guests get to arrive and be present (as in yoga 'present' the here and now, minimal email access, endless dark rum, 5 days by the pool type 'present'.) It also gives me, the planner, a unique opportunity to create a personalized "wedding week" not only for the bride and groom, but for family and friends as well!

Here are Five Reasons a destination wedding might be your way to go: 

1. Travel? Yes Please.

It's not very often I meet people who aren't keen to travel anymore. In fact, it seems, the more exotic the place the better! Perhaps our generation's mentality about globe trotting has adjusted to the increased ease of travel, or perhaps we have all just chosen to embrace our gypsy roots...whatever the reason, people love to pack their duffle bag for a week(end) and hit the road! Give your friends and family the perfect excuse to explore a new part of the world, dip their toes in the ocean, and spend some quality time with loved ones!

(*aside: I live in a resort town (Whistler, BCyeow!), so practically all of my guests travelled to get to our big day. My FAVOURITE part of our wedding was the whole week of one-on-one time I got to spend with everyone...including our oversized wedding party, pictured below! Dinners, hikes, swims, drinks, coffee dates, shopping! It was a week long celebration....<3)

2. Unique Wedding Experiences.

Don't get me wrong here, I am the World's biggest fan of all weddings. Backyard weddings, traditional weddings, churches, tents, halls...I encourage the whole shebang! But how often can you gather your fave people in the world, put them on a boat and take them diving? Or spend 3 days with your nieces and nephews on the slopes? Or take a hula dancing lesson with your bridesmaids while the guys charter a fishing a boat? These are some pretty awesome opportunities to laugh your ass off, and to soak up some serious R&R with your loves. 

3. Intimate Guest List. 

Not a huge fan of being in the spot light? Slighting anxious about having 200 pairs of eyes on you while reciting your vows? Not too worry. Reason #3 for hosting a destination wedding is that they tend to discourage massive guest lists, and are (most often) attended by close friends and family (minus the 5th cousins and questionable co-workers. Shhh, did I say that?) Another bonus? Smaller guest lists generally equate to smaller budgets. Win! 

4. The Best Photos Ever. 

Ever scrolled through a wedding photography site and felt your heart skip a beat? Seen a sunset so vibrant you could swear you're living in a painting? Wondered how that bride just found a horse to pose with? Been in the presence of mountains so grand you can't explain the feeling in words? Exotic. Romantic. Sunkissed. Sunsets, ocean breeze, mountain tops, beach settings, tiki torches, wild horses, wish lanterns, ocean waves...the ingredients for wedding photos that belong in magazines and on your wall...forever. Naturally, the stars of wedding photos are you and your love...but a landscape to die for doesn't hurt the cause ;) 

5. You Pick the Place. 

The best part of all this? You and your partner get to pick your dream location. Avid skiers who long for the mountains? Come to Whistler. Surf bums who crave sand and big swells? Head for Maui. The World is your oyster! Keep in mind, the further you travel, the higher the chance that few will follow...but you can bet your guest list will be excited and enthusiastic about the memories to come! Confused about all the choices? Call up your wedding planner for tips on accommodations, activities, travel itineraries, and resort ratings. We're here to help make your destination wedding planning taste as good as that cocktail waiting for you at the end of it all :) 

For these reasons...and many more...a destination wedding may just be the perfect option for your special day (or week!) Get creative, feel adventurous, and let the planning begin! 

Make your wedding dreams come true.

- Robyn 

Photos from Maui Maka Photography, Rebecca Amber Photography, and Anastasia Photography.