INSPO:: Winter Colour Palettes

Maybe it's simply because I can't get warm today, or maybe it's my big cozy Cowichan sweater! Maybe it's the anticipation of seeing the first snowfall, or the smell of pine that envelopes the air these days. Regardless of the trigger, my senses are heightened knowing that I get to dive deeper into planning & styling my upcoming winter weddings!

There's just something so ethereal and calming about winter weddings, don't you agree? Take a cue from these lovely colour palettes on how to use the perfect collection of warm & cool tones as the foundation to your wedding decor! Pops of colour, hints of metallic, white on white, royals blues, demanding and white. I actually can't wait... 

Until then, you can find me in the office with checklists, inspiration boards, and DIY's making magic happen!

Happy Sunday lovers,

- Robyn

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