Real Wedding:: Sharai + Rob

If you've spent any time in Whistler, British Columbia, you'll have an understanding of its magic. It's this noble little village in the middle of the mountains, with character big enough to match it's elevation. It's a collection of people who have turned a blind eye to the ins and outs of other's reality, in order to connect with something "larger". Mother nature lives proudly here, her people come to rest in all of her abundance, with a strong appreciation for enjoying every aspect of life. Whether it's sport, dressing up in the most ridiculous costumes ever, or gathering with friends around the dinner table. People come from near and - very - far to experience Whistler's famous mountains...and when they get here, they realize it's really about so much more. 

Sharai and Rob are perfect examples local Whistlerites, and one of the (many) reasons I am proud to call this place home! They were the most laid back couple I have EVER planned a wedding for; all they asked was that their wedding be a true expression of Whistler's infinite character, and an authentic gathering for friends and family. Although seemingly simple, I knew it was going to be a hard task to live up to! 

Sharai is the most creative soul you will ever meet. Genuinely creative. Like, the most uniquely beautiful ideas just ooze of out her (perfect) pores and she's just so happy to share life with everyone, that she's very easy to fall in love with. Sorry Rob, I may have a teeny #girlcrush on your wifey, but she's so in love with you she would never notice! Rob is handsome, and calm, and cool, and totally down to earth and let's Sharai be this bubbly pot of creativity, and their yin and yang is impossible not to note. They are unassumingly beautiful, and so in love you feel immediately comfortable being around them. 

Enough about them, more about their wedding! Hosted at Tyrol Lodge, an oldschool ski resort established in 1952 (with the lighting fixtures to prove it), this ski-camp-rustic-woods wedding was quintessential Whistler. Together we DIY'd our way through the decor menu, handcrafting, collecting, and polishing antique pieces that adorned the old lodge. Grandma's doilies, rusted window panes, vases, lace, wood, brass, cigar boxes, old romance novels, black and white photographs of parents and name it...we had it!! On top of the log cabin decor that has lived at the lodge for the past 62 years, we wedding'd it up...and the outcome was beautifully rustic, a little rough around the edges, but perfectly polished. 

Sometimes, when I get really excited, I talk too much. So here are the photos...taken by my dearest love Laura Rowe

The reason I love my job is because I get to share moment's like this with incredible people from all over the World, and I get to fall in love with their love. Create their individual dreams, and send them off into the night happily ever after. It's moment's like this that I am naturally reminded how lucky I am...thank you for sharing this journey with me Sharai and Rob!

Best. Lovefest. Ever. (That went until 5am and still has everyone talking).

Happy loving!

- Robyn

Bride's dress designed by Kate Power (don't even get me starteddddd #bestdressever). Bride's hair and makeup by Melissa Jones (of JoNo Salon). Bridesmaid's makeup by Colleen Conroy, and hair by Nancy Knapton. Desserts by Purebread. Bar by Liquid Assets. Flowers by Flowers and Jules. Dream team extraordinaire.