Real Wedding:: Marnie + Jimmy

These two are a lot of people's favourites! Marnie & Jimmy are brilliantly funny, full of life, and as vibrant as a box of Lucky Charms. After solemnly swearing never to fall in love with an Aussie mate, Marnie accidentally got swept off her feet and, sure enough, landed on the sunny shores of the Land Down Under. "It was rule #1...never date an Aussie. They come to Whistler for a good time not a long time and would inevitably break my wee heart," outlines Marnie about her strict dating guidelines. I'm sure this is a rule many Whistler ladies can relate to, but it was certainly proved wrong in this case! 

Despite the fact that M&J have lived in Aus for the last 2 years (or so), they didn't think twice when booking a Whistler Wedding. "It's home", say the pair. Mountains, fresh air, friends you can't compare, scenery for made sense to begin their next chapter in the place it all began. You can imagine how excited I was when I got this call! Not only did I get to be a part of their intimate outdoor wedding, but I also got my friend back...if even for a moment. 

The wedding was perfectly quaint. 60 people gathered for a beautiful standing ceremony at Rebagliati Park in Whistler, one of my all time favourite venues, followed by a cocktail reception and some pretty serious dancing at the Pan Pacific! With Ruckus Deluxe rocking the mic, I was thrilled to shrug off my "Coordinator Cloak" and join these beauts on the dance floor. 

I hope Marnie & Jimmy had the wedding day they imagined, in the place they call home, surrounded by a collection of friends and family from around the Globe. I thank you both for allowing me to put my special touch on your day, and for coming all the way back to your mountains to say, "I do." Until we are graced with your return (which we are all hoping for)...may these pictures and the memories remind you how much you are loved. 

- Robyn

Screenshot 2014-11-09 17.14.06.png

Photos taken by a dear and talented friend of the couple's, Patrick Hui. Hair and makeup done by another friend. Flowers, decor, and planning by moi at Blue Violet Events. Dress design by Wendy Sullivan