Journal:: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing.

There's something soft and soothing about the holidays. Wouldn't you agree? Perhaps it's the fact that we all feel a little more connected and sincere, cozied up with the ones we love. It could be the temporary release from emails and deadlines; or the uplifting energy and intoxicating chaos of city streets. For all one knows, love stirs in the magic of candlelight and hand written notes, and we become warmer beings for practicing il dolce far niente.

Perhaps our elevated awareness of kindness and generosity comes from the spirit of the holidays itself; or as I prefer to think, from the freedom to let go of everyday obligations, and bring our full awareness to the real important things that seem to get lost in the day to day. The softness of touch. The sound of collective laughter. The comfort of tradition. The act of giving. The ability to reconnect with people and love fully, without distraction. 

This is when love comes to life, in all true forms. In smiles and shared moments. In the silence of an uninterrupted embrace. In the creation of new memories, and the fondness of past. 

May the general feeling of love and gratitude that fills the air this time of year find it's way to you. May your heart be full of magic and grace. May you find the time to hug a moment longer and breathe a little deeper. 

Looking forward to a year of big magical love; and feeling grateful for all of you who give me the opportunity to share your love story and make my heart grow.