Wedding DIY:: Faux Coral Candlesticks

For the upcoming year (like those before) I have created a shortlist (that's actually quite long) of things I would like to do more of, changes to make, and challenges to take on. Having trouble planning and manifesting your year ahead? Here, check this out for a few helpful tools that will help you plan for a brighter 2015! 

On this list, was of course...DIY's! More DIY's...and more posts to inspire my readers and brides to get crafty and creative! When I stumbled upon this beautiful candlestick project from Style Me Pretty, I knew it was the perfect place to start. Aren't these just perfect for your elegant table scape? Feminine enough for a baby shower, and versatile enough to showcase on your oversized mantle (after the party of course). Best of all, DIY projects save you money on the decor budget, and customize your event details! These personalized touches will leave your guests talking and swooning long after the night is over. 

Follow along as I take you deeper into the world of making things throughout the next year. If you're one of those forever doubtful crafters, trust me on this one, these projects could be completed in a kindergarten can do it!! And besides, if your candle holder ends up looking a little more like an abstract piece of crumpled up paper than a sea least you made something with your hands, drank a bottle of wine with classic girlfriends, and did something new :) 

Happy crafting and continued holiday'ing!