in the name of love.

Of all the things I fancy in the World, I love Love itself the most. According to the Corinthians, it is patient, gentle, and kind. To new lovers, it is fierce, passionate, and bold. Whatever love is to you, it tells an untold story, gracefully unfolding as we experience it, in all of its worldly forms. 

Blue Violet Events believes that our job is to tell the ongoing story of Love. To share your tales of falling madly and deeply into the arms of your forever one. To inspire your fairy tale moments, and encourage you to love more; bigger, boldly, and fully. 

Here you will find a collection of beloved moments, images, and events. Embrace them, share them, save them...and then go create your very own Love Story. 

- Robyn

...than words can say.

...than words can say.


...yours. pedals we fall. pedals we fall.