yosemite, under the stars...

When you dream of your wedding...what do you see?

When I quietly close my eyes to dream of my (next) wedding, I see this. My husband doesn't know we're getting (re)married yet, but I secretly plan on having a wedding once every couple of years to ensure we never graduate the "newlywed" phase ;)

This wedding exists in my dreams every night. I love the mountains, the greenery, the four day camping trip, the stars, the intimacy, the tents, the masks, and the endless moments that exist as opportunities to make one million fond memories.

And it all starts here...under the stars

to love about this wedding....

The beautiful celebration. Dynamite details. Natural scenery. Sparkly stars. Love. Hand holding. Bike riding. Circle ceremony. Astrology seating chart. Wild flowers. Sand. Friends and family. Late night magic. Good food. Four days of freedom. A wedding to remember. Love that lasts a lifetime. 

Enough said. Non? 

- Robyn

PS. Check out more of this INCREDIBLE photographer's work here. James Moes. 

PPS. Yosemite National Park is divine. And good for the spirit. Want to host your wedding in one of nature's greatest gifts? Check it out.