down to earth.

I had absolutely no intention of writing a blog post this morning, as I reflect with a coffee before my yoga class starts in 1 hour and 12 minutes! However, once you see this wedding, you will understand why my morning urge to share with you took over. 

Eco-chic, sustainable, intimate, darling, DIY, vintage, meaningful, and truly lovely. There really isn't one element to this lovefest that wasn't handmade, passed along through family tradition, or given by a friend. It goes to show what a collective group of people can accomplish, and just how much a wedding speaks to the community of people and love surrounding you. 

Lucy and Gregor's wedding could easily be taken from the pages off an old magazine, were they faded to black and white. Their celebration will hardly leave a footprint, and their people will be reliving the brilliant memories shared for years to come. That is a wedding :) 

inspired by: the post-ceremony, pre-reception champagne picnic and tea party with homemade cake in the field. I mean common, does it get any better than this? 

swooning over: the handmade bunting, the original 1950's wedding gown, the rosemary in her bouquet, the harvest tables, the wheat field. 

take note: when hosting your wedding ceremony in remote locations, hire a live musician(s) to play the music; you can typically get away without AV equipment and it adds a whole lot of romance to the scene. 

Today is going to be a beautiful day! Share a love story with someone. 

- Robyn