INSPO:: Stationary to Swoon Over

I accidentally stumbled upon these gorgeous stationary designs (while I was procrastinating on Pinterest) sometime last week. The tab has remained open in my browser for daaaays, just waiting to be shared with the World! Allow me to introduce you to the prettiest stationary with the perfect combination of dazzle, fun, and personality...

BerinMade is a London, Eng. based company, featuring a funky little married couple named Erin & Ben. Erin's artsy ability and Ben's business suave are clearly the perfect combination, because this duo is taking the stationary world by storm! 

BerinMade offers couples the chance to create custom or semi-custom designs, so your invites can tell your story, with your wedding colours, in your own voice. What more could one ask for of a wedding invitation?

Love what you see? Visit their website and eat your heart out! My fave is the 5th image below...polka dots and a heart framed photo with pink peonies and bold font? yes please...

Happy Ooo'ing and Aww'ing!

- Robyn