INSPO:: Wildflowers, Wild hearts

Stationary is my private obsession.

I have handmade cards since I was too young to write, and I still find joy in practicing my signature on a scrap piece of paper over, and over...and over (you used to do that too, right?) I melt over fonts. I die for calligraphy. I write notes for no reason, just so I can feel the familiarity of my pen on paper. 

So, you can only imagine what happens to me when I come across save the dates, invites, and wedding announcements like this. I pour myself a glass of whisky and stay awhile. Lisa Hedge, thank you for being my date tonight!

Vintage, Victorian. Deep, bright. Buds, blooms. Stems, leaves. Detail, simplicity. Negative space. Clean font.

These divine designs are the perfect night cap.


- Robyn

Designs by Lisa Hedge. Stunning, non? Happy Friday loves, oxo.