INSPO:: Autumn Rest

I am soo ready for everything fall. Oversized knit sweaters. Melancholy Songza playlists. Warm sippy drinks. Root vegetables. Hunters. Mushroom foraging. Lazy mornings, and slow, meandering thoughts. Is it just me, or does this season not call out to the grounded, connectedness in all of us that just wants to be cozy and safe? 

This morning I let the go-getter in me rest. I laid in bed a little longer than usual, made a coffee (with homemade chocolate almond milk...oooo), and started collecting images and inspiration for the way these mornings make me feel. All warm and wistful. 

Here's to a day of fall. 

Of falling in love. 

Or of falling no where at all,

In particular. 

To days of being cozy, 


And warm. 

Of knowing that these days are for the heart to feel at home, 

And the skies to turn heavy. 

Relishing the newly crisp air,

Being gracefully captivated by colours underfoot.

Quietly savouring Autumn in her finest,

However your soul should feel best,

Granting yourself this intended time of rest.  

- Robyn

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sit with me.jpg

All images gathered on Pinterest.