Journal:: To the Edge of the Earth.

I have always been a huge advocate of videography. Wedding videography that is. There is something about watching those magical moments over and over again...and having the ability to share those moments with generations after your own. 

I was on Junebug this evening, gathering a little inspiration and sipping a tea...when I came across this video. It won the Junebug Viewer's Choice Awards as The Best Wedding of 2014...and oh my god, you will just love it, I promise! Smiles, dancing, the best wedding dress ever, two floral crowns, a Cali surfer groom with sun bleached ringlets, the sweetest flower girls on earth....I mean it's the recipe for perfection!! May I also say...this venue is a dream. Right? 

Perhaps this video will tuck you in tonight and leave you dreaming of your own wedding day...past or future.