Styled Shoot :: Pemberton Mountain Wedding

This shoot took place back in the fall, and I've been holding onto it ever so tightly. It was my first real "styled shoot", and I invested a little part of my soul into making it just perfect. I've been wanting to share it with you forever, but only now feel really ready. Isn't it strange how our favourite work becomes part of who we are? Engrained in us like little bits of sand, only ready to face the elements of feedback and opinion when the weather turns. 

This shoot took place in Pemberton, BC, a little mountain town just north from here. It's protected by the majestic Mount Currie and inhabited with a quaint population of 2,192 people (with equally as many horses). We set up shop in Jules old farm house, the ideal location for a creative posse of women to collect and create. 

Two models, fresh wild flowers, custom calligraphy, hair and makeup, a misty day, and an unexpected groom perfectly shaped an unpredictable love triangle that gracefully unfolded in front of the lens. Sometimes giving projects their own creative reign leads to the finest outcomes. 

"If you love me, 
do so fully.
Be with me, 
please be completely."

       XO, Robyn

Screenshot 2014-07-18 13.36.43.png


Flowers: Flowers & Jules 

Photography: Rebecca Amber Photography

Hair & Makeup: Colleen Conroy

Styling & Stationary: Robyn Savage, Blue Violet Events

Models: Maria Kehagias and Sharai Rewels