Our Favourite Wedding Ceremony Venues!

Wedding ceremonies seem to be getting the attention they deserve, once again. This makes me happy! They are, after all, the very best (and most important) part of your day. Nothing breaks my little wedding planning heart more than when clients tell me they want to, "get the ceremony over as quickly as possible"...so their guests don't get bored. I understand. I do. I sort of, kind of get it. But I disagree! The ceremony is the reason one million of your best friends and your entire family have gathered....to celebrate your love and to cheer you on while you make a giant commitment in front of your community of people. Embrace it! Let the love linger. Say a reading, or two. Make Aunt May cry and let Uncle Pete fall asleep in his chair during your vows...and catch it all on video tape! This is the biggest promise you'll ever make. Elongate it. Say what your heart wants to say. Laugh and cry and do ceremonial things that mean something to you, and yours. Honour those that couldn't make it, and thank the ones that came.

Stare into your lover's eyes, and promise to do the same 75 years from this very day. 

All that in 20 minutes...and you're afraid of boring people? 




PS. Oh ya! These are some of my all time fave ceremony sites. Elegant and rustic. Eclectic and refined. Stylish and simple. Best of all, amongst Mother Nature and in cool spaces. Need help finding the perfect ceremony venue? Professionals are here to help you scout the perfect place to say "i do", whether it's an old catholic church, or a scruffy old barn. We're here to help, and we got a big ole' bag of tricks! 

All images found on pinterest. Click through to find the original links :)