TIPS:: First 5 Things To Do When You Become A Feyonce

The time has finally come when the man of your dreams put a ring on it! Congratulations! Those feelings you're experiencing right now...the higher than life excitement, the feeling of new love all over again, the abundant wonder of how life will be as a #wifey.....these are what getting engaged is all about! Sharing the proposal story with friends and family, showing off your new bling...and, of course, planning the wedding of your dreams! Welcome to one crazy, beautiful, chaotic, memorable, and charming year Miss Feyonce, shit's about to get real ;) 

I am all too familiar with the pressure of trying to make major wedding decisions. After the news sinks in, all of the sudden the realities of planning a wedding start to set in, and the things you thought you knew, you don't know... and the things you thought you wanted, you're not sure of...and, oh my god, are you a boho bride or a classic bride - cuz all of the sudden that tiered lace Rue de Seine is making you question your dreams of wearing a chic Vera Wang. Don't fret! Don't sweat. It's all going to be okay... 

And besides, that's why I'm here! With a big smile and a huge binder full of answers and expertise that will help guide you through the endless decision making processes and pools of emotion :) 

Blue Violet Event's list of the First 5 Things to Do When You Become A Feyonce:

1.     Make the calls! We all know that your parents should be the first to get the exciting news. They've been involved in your life since day one, and (particularly your Mom) has been waiting for this moment since you put on your first tutu! So please, before you update your status or work your way through the trending #isaidyes hashtags...pick up the phone and call the people in your life who deserve to hear your proposal story in person!!! You will make their day. 

2.     Celebrate the moment! You're engaged!!!! Grab a bottle of champagne. Dive head first into this moment of love with your new fiancé. Say the word FIANCE fifty times in a row, and I guarantee it still won't feel natural (really, do it, it's so fun). Hug strangers, cry with excitement, laugh out loud, and daydream about your dress. Before the realities begin to set in, take this blissful moment to thoroughly and truthfully enjoy the true LOVE you have found. You now have a life partner for all your days. Embrace the change, the memory, the sense pride you feel. It's a beautiful thing. 

3.     Get a manicure! Your devoted man spent countless hours sneaking around to quietly select the perfect ring for YOU, the woman of his dreams, and you finally get to show it off! Now do your hands a favour and get a manicure. This new sparkly appendage will be adorned by friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers for the next compliment the sparkly goodness with pretty little fingers and then take a #ringselfie.

4.     Pick a Date. It doesn't matter when you tell people the exciting news, 5 minutes after it happens or 5 months later...the second question out of people's mouths is always, "What's the date!?" At first you'll answer with a cute, "Oh, we haven't decided yet, we're just enjoying being engaged for now." Then, after the 3rd week of sweetly smiling and quietly rolling your'll just want to pick a dang date. We suggest narrowing down the year, the month, or simply the season, just to give people a general idea of when they can expect to see an invitation in the mail! *Bonus: when you pick the date, everything starts to feel real :)  

5.     Hire a planner. I'm not just saying this because Blue Violet Events wants to plan your wedding (but seriously, we do); I'm saying this from a loving place of concern and compassion. Before you start to make major wedding decisions, it can be very helpful to seek guidance and advice from a wedding planner in your area who is familiar with venues, vendors, budgets, and timelines. The helping hand of a Wedding Expert who knows the industry and can provide you and your fiancé with helpful tips and direction from the get-go is going to prevent a lot of stress and potential Bridezilla'ing. Not only that, but a good wedding planner will help determine your budget and keep you on track with spending, manage your timeline for booking vendors, and hook you up with trade discounts and the inside scoop. Trust me, you'll thank me later. 

Lastly, enjoy the ride. It's truly one of the most happy and loving times in your life. Breathe deep and lavish in the joy of being engaged.