Spring Wedding Trends

The powder hounds are cryin',

but my soul she's a singin',

as sweetly as birds in the trees,

amusin' the breeze,

with the sounds of honeyed melodies. 

Winters agone, 

but let's not drag this on, 

for spring is in the air, 

and surely welcomed everywhere. 

So here's to you sweet Spring, 

driftin' through our mountain air, 

you're here, 

we feel you near and dear. 

In the trees, beneath our feet, 

in the colours, on the street! 

Through the forest, up the hills, 

on our skin, and in our chills. 

Welcome sweet Spring, 

for you our hearts sing!

long and winded melodies, 

of budding rhymes and fidelities. 

Good morning Spring,

good morning thing! 

Good morning Spring,

you're a beautiful thing.

- some sweet mountain bird

All images found on Pinterest.