5 Cheap & Thoughtful Ways to Date Your Partner

You've been dating for a while now, so you don't need to break the bank to prove you're into each other. You're saving money to buy a house, you're getting married (which usually means you're kinda broke), you're going on a big trip, or your boss just won't give you that pay raise that you so deserve. Regardless, of your finances, dating your partner should always be an an option, right?! I mean, if you're anything like me, you can only watch Netflix so many nights in a row before you want to break free of the living room and go explore, eat new food, experience something slightly more thrilling than new episodes of Full House (that's a real thing.

So, I was vacuuming last night thinking to myself..."there's got be ways to make date night fun that don't cost lots of dollars " (we fall in the 'house buying' category above.) As I was listing off savvy & fun things to do, I figured I couldn't be the only one seeking cheap, fun, spontaneous adventures that create memories...could I? So I thought I would share my list of cheap dates with you! Just in case you are in search of fun ways to date your partner too.

1. Go for a walk. I know this perhaps sounds superbly boring, but it's actually not as brutal as it sounds. I find Dunc (said husband) and I get lost in our neighbourhood talking about the cool houses or what it would be like to live at the top of the hill. It's fun to run into neighbours and chat, or even to find a new alley or stream (depending on your geography.) Even more exotic? Bring a flask of whisky or a tea to go. And make it super sexy by holding hands ;) Bonus? Take your walk after dinner to burn off some of that curry and make room for dessert!

2. Go camping. Camping is the best! In any way, shape, or form. It's the best. Not into the outdoors? It's doesn't really matter. There's this thing called "car camping" that really just means you move the comforts of your bedroom into a tent! Air mattress, duvet, pillows...my husband even brings our sheets (shh, he's a total "glamper".) Spending time in nature is refreshing, rejuvenating, and soothing to the spirit. It's a great way to get away from the chaos of your everyday, and you can do really great things together like build a camp fire, play cards, and count the stars. Don't have camping gear? Chances are your friends do, so borrow it! There are great internet resources to help you locate camp grounds nearest you, or you can just pack the car and hit the road! Chances are you'll find a bit of flat ground somewhere along the way :) 

3. Find a new recipe! I'm not even talking "duck confit with organic maple glaze and slow braised beets"...or something crazy like that. I'm talking classic spaghetti and meatballs from scratch - easy and messy! Have some fun in the kitchen! Often we get home from work and cooking seems like this insane chore that someone gets "stuck" with. Believe it or not, cooking can be the best part of your day :) It's calming and restoring...and there's something so eternally grounding about preparing your own food and sharing a meal. Cook with love, eat with love, be filled up with love! Bonus? Grab a cheap bottle of wine and get kinda drunk. Play your favourite music. Start a food fight - that he has to clean up ;)  

4. Play a game. I know, this sounds lame too! But it's SO NOT! I like to turn this into a competition (duh, I'm a Scorpio), and create a sweet prize for the winner. Some examples of great prizes are: the winner gets a 20 minute massage, the loser has to do the laundry, the winner gets breakfast in bed next Sunday. The list is endless! We play card games that go on for months, and plan prizes that lead into our next big adventure (ex. the first person to reach 2,000 points in Gin Rummy gets to pick the first restaurant we eat at when we arrive in Italy.) I'm telling ya! Games create laughter and spark a healthy competitive attitude that can be playful and flirtatious. Go on then, pull out your dusty old board games or deal up a hand of cards :) 

5. Set up a sexy scene. That's right. I'm going there. This is free, fun, annnnnd flirty!! Pull out the massage oil, run a bath, light some candles, act out a fantasy, roll play...dare to be different! I'm not saying get "crazy", but trying something new or turning the routine of sex into a unique experience is a sure fire way to turn a regular Tuesday night into a long lasting memory. 

Dating is important, and deserves just as much attention as bigger life plans and goals. Dates keep energy light within a relationship and remind you why you even like each other in the first place! Why so serious? Lighten up. Go on a cheap date.

Happy Thursday! 

Robyn x