I've said it before, and I'll say it again: a video speaks one million words! It's such a beautiful way to capture the little hidden moments of a wedding day, to catch those priceless expressions, to remember that one song. This video by Eastowest Productions is one of the best :) 

Juss and Mel's wedding had a LOT of those moments! It had an abundance of laughter and joy, of playful intricacies and traditional celebrations. The dance party by 6:30PM rivalled some that I have seen nearing midnight, and even when the lights went out (unintentionally)...the party still went on!!! I have never been so inspired by two women who know what they want, who empower those around them, and encourage dreams to come true. Take a look...

Thank you for loving as hard as you do Juss and Mel! Thank you for letting me play a role and dancing to the beat of your drum. 

Enjoy this video!! It's worth a second watch...and third and a forth...


AuthorRobyn Savage