Styled Shoot : In a Field of Flowers

Once in while, I have these immaculate days where I look around and can't believe where I'm standing. Days in which the smells, sounds, and sights around me come springing to life, and I am halted in the moment...awed and inspired by my own life. This is not everyday. And sometimes the smell that arises is the rotten garbage that my roommates haven't changed, and the sight is a stack of quotes and invoices to be filed. BUT, more often than's days like the one below that fill me with hope and gratitude. It's days like these days, that make me bow my head and close my eyes to take it all in and whisper "thank you" under my breath.

This styled shoot, like many, started small and ended up precious. Tucked away in the Pemberton mountains, down the most gorgeous stretch of road, resides a beautiful flower farm called Bathtub Gardens.  Only pretty things live here, including the sweet florist, her partner, and their guard dog (who usually just mellows out under the weeping willow tree out front.) In Whistler, just around the corner and up the hill from me, lives a most gorgeous photographer who talks like me and laughs like me...a woman I am slowly learning has shaped her World to reflect her dreams, who I admire and appreciate as a role model and colleague. I get to watch her write her story, and every time we collaborate, I am enamoured by her talent & tigress (roar.) 

Well, these women and I got together. We got together, and sparks flew! Things happened, and we got excited, and we got carried away, and we created the most beautiful surprise Saturday morning! I can't explain it...other than a spontaneous combustion of blooms and babes in a flower field with decor and a camera. The photos say the rest.