Good Morning Dreamers: Jessica Ballerini

So perfectly intimate are mornings of soft awakening. Rolling over in a gentle haze, slowly allowing light to infuse our eyelids, while we navigate our way from a dream state to waking reality. Kind of how I feel today...squeaky around the edges, comfortably tucked in my favourite t-shirt, with a cup of strong coffee making my way through the start of the day. 

Jessica Ballerini reached out yesterday, all the way from Italy, with a brave request for me to watch her wedding videos and share my thoughts. I continued to scroll through each video, silently stunned by the beautiful moments we humans have the gift of sharing with others. Truth is, I have not the slightest idea what makes a "good wedding video" or a stacked with talent motion picture. I go by feeling. Emotion, movement, authenticity. 

From what I can tell, Jessica captures it all. I have shared my favourite video with you this morning. As I stretch my brain and slowly come to life, I can relate to mornings filled with love and endearment. Besides, the white sheets and early light she captures are just too good to ignore! 

Good morning sweet loves. Single or married, alone or surrounded...may your morning be filled with moments of tenderness, and may you catch yourself wandering in a dream like state. 

Robyn, X O