Wedding Inspo: Whimsical-Bohemiam Bliss

What happens when a contributing editor to Vogue and a Dutch shoe designer get hitched? HEAVEN. Heaven is what happens. 

After vacationing on the Italian island of Capri for as long as they can remember, selecting a wedding destination was a no brainer when Erica + Louis got engaged. If you've ever been to Capri, then you're familiar with it's sultry blue waters, rocky shoreline, and sexy reputation. It really is one of those destinations you arrive in, and as a not-rich-lacking-style Canadian, say to yourself, "wow, these people are out of a magazine." Everyone is beautiful. Every street is perfectly cobblestoned with views stretching into the ocean and towards the endless sky. The air is salty, the patios are full, and the tiny streets beckon curiosity with every turn. It's the perfect destination wedding location...if you can pull it off like Erica + Louis ;) 

The details involved in this explosive love fest include balloons with a little message that each guest released into the sky after the couple said 'I do', the most Goddess like gowns (bridesmaids and custom bridal), and finally, the blooming orange trees that replaced the traditional ceremonial alter. Heaven!! The dinner table was equally as flawless. Simple, but elegant, boasting a long row of rosemary, coupled with tall orchids that added a touch of height and femininity. Not to mention the infinite number of candles (best noted in the video), that create this sea of warm light. I'm drooling. Oh! And I'm also in awe over the simple little daisy bouquets donned by the entire bridal party - how CUTE are these? 

I"ll tell ya, the more time I spend planning + styling weddings, the more I realize the couples that really nail it are the ones who tell their story and don't waiver. They don't cave in to wedding cliches or get worried about maintaining tradition. Instead, they share their story in a way that feels authentic to themselves, which translates to this mad beautiful event - no matter what the details or menu! That being said, watch the video below. She's so VOGUE. 

Enjoy these delicious inspiration images!