West Coast Elopement

Weddings have become a beautiful big deal. They are elaborate, elusive, and without a doubt the best day of your life (until your first child is born or summit that mountain you've always dreamed of climbing.) There is no doubt that tying the knot is something worth celebrating with all of your closest friends and family...

But an elopement? An elopement is magical. I've said it before, and I'll say it (over & over) again...how incredibly enchanting is the idea of just the two of you. Somewhere your heart feels at home. Somewhere no one can find you, or distract you. Somewhere quiet and rich in nature, aloneness, and serenity. Elysia and Ryan found that place, and every second I spent with them to create their perfect day reminded me how sacred and unified love is. 

I feel so honoured to have been a part of their intimate day! After exchanging their vows (which I got to write based on their love story and future goals) on top of the World at the Sea to Sky Gondola, we traveled just 15 minutes South down the coast to Porteau Cove where they celebrated with champagne and oysters for two. The sun set, they laughed, we took photos and I silently cried in the bushes with so much happiness and gratitude for sharing in their love. Their day was incredible, and this video by Jody Hill  captures every moment of it. 

A party is spectacular. Don't get me wrong. I'll plan you the best party you can dream of! But love? Love is free. It's not sparkly or concerned with colour palettes. It's refined and gracious, and it doesn't need caterers and invitations to show the World it's radiance. So remember that. Remember that when you get engaged and you don't know where to start with wedding planning...start right at home, tucked away in the arms of your love. Do what's right for you, make a magical day that feels as comfortable as the place you have found in your partner's heart. 

- Robyn xo