Hi loves, 

It's 2018! We totally made it. And I am feeling some really beautiful energy surrounding what's to come in this year ahead. My hope is that you, too, are feeling new, inspired, and all filled up on love after a grounding and celebratory holiday season!

I'm especially excited for you if this was the year he finally got you the special little box for Christmas. You know the one...the little velvet box that doesn't require wrapping paper but always  comes with a long-awaited question attached? 

If you got engaged this holiday season, Congratulations! What an incredible way to start the New Year, hand-in-hand with diamonds (if that's your style) and your newly crowned Fiancé! (Don't worry, you'll never get used the awkwardness of the 'f' word.)

If that's the case and you're a new bride looking for her first bits of inspiration...look NO further!

Rime Arodaky has been one of my favourite dress designers since my whole healthy addiction to weddings started back in 2013. I think I may have drooled on my laptop the first time I laid eyes on her perfectly badass bridal gowns. Sultry and seductive. Funky and feminine. Flowly and rough around the edges.

Exactly what I always wanted in a wedding dress. Just enough flare to turn heads. 

And as predicted, her 2018 'The Runaways' Collection does not disappoint! It's in fact, the ultimate swoon worthy collection for any newly engaged bride looking to redefine bridal wear and break the mould, just a little. 

Newly engaged, or perhaps just addicted to gorg gowns & all things love? 

Do yourself a favour. Get an extra hot latte and cozy up to feast your eyes on this marvellous selection of perfect frocks. 

There's a chance you'll also be looking for a new boyfriend with a motorcycle by the time you're through, too.

(Don't say I didn't warn you...)

Warm hearts & Happy New Year! 


PS. Newly engaged and looking for some tips on how to do this whole "Wedding Planning" thing? Don't worry, we've got you! We're launching a whole series of NEW services & offerings at the end of the month and we've got EVERYTHING covered! From calligraphy, to bridesmaids gowns, to floral design, and timelines - we got you! Send us an email to, or head to our 'CONTACT' page to book your FREE initial consultation!! xo

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